VIDEO Felting Tutorial, Wool Locks Shawl with Ruffles
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NEW! Learn to make a Felted Wool Loose Lock Shawl with Ruffles in this detailed VIDEO tutorial from fiber artist Robbin Firth. 
This is a WET FELTING virtual workshop consisting of a VIDEO tutorial (1 hour 10 mins long) and a supplemental PDF. 
The video was professionally recorded and edited.

This VIDEO TUTORIAL includes complete step-by-step instructions, detailed explanations, and helpful tips.
Step into Robbin's beautiful HeartFelt Silks studio, and follow along as Robbin walks you through the process of making 
your very own luxurious hand-felted Wool Locks Shawl. Learn how to prepare wool locks, how to create a proper layout, how
 to use resists, and how to complete the felting process from start to finish. This tutorial uses the Palm Washboard felting 
method, developedby Robbin Firth. 
This Palm Washboard method is easier on the body than other traditional felting methods, and this method speeds up the
 felting process. 
Robbin will help you master the Palm Washboard technique while creating a one-of-a-kind glamorous wool locks shawl.

Some felting experience is recommended.

After you complete your online purchase, you will be able to download a PDF file with a passcode and instructions for
accessing the VIDEO.

Technical support is available. Please contact You are purchasing an instant digital download,
and no refunds are available.
Visit for more about artist Robbin Firth. Her HeartFelt Silks retail and teaching studio
 is located at 401 Second Street, Hudson, WI.
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Copyright 2016 HeartFelt Silks and Robbin Firth. Distribution or reproduction of any video or text materials without
permission is prohibited.
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VIDEO Felting Tutorial, Wool Locks Shawl with Ruffles

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